protecting owners investments for over 40 years

A high level quality control for your project

Our team brings decades of experience in preconstruction and construction management to all types of projects. Our company efforts are skillfully coordinated and managed so that your project budget, project schedule, and design standards remain throughout the preconstruction & construction phases.


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Being able to see your project during design, permitting and construction stages through the eyes of an expert...


Construction may not be the client's first language. Construction is our first language.

... provides you with the freedom to focus your time and energy on your core business...

Time + Value

Managing design, permitting and construction of a project is not always the best use of your time. It is the best use of our time. It's what we do.

… and when you can’t be in two places at once, we are there for you.


Many times the project is "here" and the client is "there", or vice versa. DWI can travel to your project so you don't have to.

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress.

Our professional team increases productivity,

maximizes effectiveness, and maintains quality.